Instant Gain Remapping


ECU Tuning

Stage 1 & 2 power maps, 50/50 maps, eco maps, maff delete, speed limiter removal, start stop removal, 02 lamba delete, popcorn limiter, swirlflap delete, egr delete, pop and bang, add blue removal, dpf delete plus many more...


The DPF, also known as Diesel Particulate Filter, is a filter which filters soot particals and partical matter. Its developed to make diesel vehicles less harmfull for the enviroment. A DPF is an expensive part and can generate diagnostic trouble codes and cost a lot of extra fuel. A DPF can be removed or switched off in the engine management system


The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation valve) is a valve which recirculates the exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders to reduce the NOx emissions. The EGR valve can cause polution in the engine block and will therefore sometimes be closed and shut down soft-ware wise.


A start & stop system is a system that is shutting of the engine when the engine runs stationary. The system can be turned off in a lot of cars via the button, but sometimes it is not possible. For those cars the system can be switched off in the engine management system.

Carbon Cleaning

Carbon cleaning is an effective way of removing carbon deposits in the internals of an engine, turbo, EGR and DPF systems. Our Carbon clean machine uses a specially formulated Koh mix that is designed to create the most purest hydrogen possible.


Flaps are small valves which vary the length / volume in the intake manifold to create a more beautiful coupling and more efficiency. The flaps can be deleted and can be switched off in the engine management system. Sometimes the flaps break down and when that happens, there is a great chance of damaging the engine.


DTC's, also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes, are electronic messages in cases of problems with the engine or transmission. They can be switched of when the causes are found and solved


Anti-lag is the injection of fuel in combination with an ignition relay to make the turbo pressure raise while the throttle is not 100% open. It is developed to decrease turbo lag time. It makes it sound more like a race car.


Pop & Bang is the principle of antilag but then in the coast down condition

Full Diagnostic check

we can cover 99% of vehicles with our equipment. Engine diagnosis, transmission diagnosis, airbag diagnosis, warning lights switched off, DTC look up, 02 sensor test, oil light reset, parking brake reset, SAS reset, BMS reset plus many more...



Adblue is a system which puts harmful NOx into your diesel fuel exhausts into harmless nitrogen and water vapor, thereby significantly reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are a major souce of air pollution and cause smog. Also Adblue can be switched of in the engine management system.


It is possible to remove the Vmax, which is basically a speed limiter. Nowadays a lot of cars have a speed limiter and that means that the full potential of the car is not reached


De-cat is applied to cars that do not have a catalyst in the exhaust system. After removing the catalyst, the ECU will detect this, which may cause error messages. Therefor, this must be adjusted software wise.