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Carbon disclaimer

Carbon clean disclaimer

Instant Gain Remapping shall provide the Services and Deliverable(s) requested by the client from the following options; all of which are bound by our ’Customer Care & Commitment’ to service quality.

Following our work, if an issue arises with your vehicle it will most likely be due to a mechanical fault, not a fault with the carbon cleaning process itself. Once the mechanical fault is fixed your vehicle should revert to its optimum performance.

A thorough vehicle health check is carried out before any carbon cleaning work is undertaken, we reserve the right to refuse to carbon clean a vehicle if we believe it is not "healthy" enough.

No warranty is given or implied to any components on your vehicle before or after the carbon cleaning process. Refunds are not accepted. Instant Gain Remapping do not accept liability for any mechanical part failure after carbon cleaning. By using our service you agree to these terms and conditions. Instant Gain Remapping do not cover the liability for any mechanical or electrical parts including the following: turbos, injectors, clutches, gearboxes, dpf, boost leaks (boost pipes) as these have a serviceable lifetime.

Engine carbon cleaning should not damage your vehicle: it is a safe practice that cleans the engine. However, Instant Gain Remapping do not accept any liability for your engine malfunctioning or breaking down when or after having the engine carbon cleaned or using our fuel additives.

In unfortunate rare circumstances, if a part of your engine was already weak but still functioning but was then cleaned and failed once unblocked, then we accept no legal responsibility to cover this. If the engine and parts are healthy and not faulty then the clean should only help them work more efficiently and it will not damage them but may highlight other defects.

We do not offer a money back guarantee with carbon cleans since this is not a reversible process. Depending how much carbon is in your engine this will determine how much difference you will feel from the clean.