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Our fully kitted out van has the means to work on your vehicle even when a power souce is unavailable

⭐️⭐️⭐️LGV Truck & Agricultural Tuning & Diagnostic's Available ⭐️⭐️⭐️



Now offering a wider selection on the tuning front, we can now offer Economy & Performance Tuning on your LGV Trucks which will save you an absolute fortune on the fuel bill £££ 😉

Prices start from only £349 per truck

You will see an average fuel saving of around 10% - 15% depending on which Trucks you own, which is a HUGE difference on this type of vehicle.

Discount offered if over 5 Vehicles are to be tuned

Why not add a Carbon Clean at the same time to help clear out any unwanted carbon build up within the engine from as little as £60

Picking a software package that is right for your vehicle...

    Our file writer INTUNE PERFORMANCE is not the same as everyone else, they take great pride in the files written.

    There is no "One size fits all" when it come's to your vehicles brain.

    Software in Mexico will not work as well in the UK. So do not choose a generic product for your vehicle.

    Choose to get your vehicle Intune by the engineers who care!!

    We at Instant gain remapping Ltd offer a wide range of services. Tuning the ECU using state of the art equipment with the latest software, to carbon cleaning your engine bringing it back to its former health like new. We do not just aim for you to get the max power out of your vehicle. We also want you to see a difference in fuel saving's £££££. full car diagnostics including ABS, EPB, SAS, BMS and Oil light reset!!!!


    Vehicle Diagnostics using top of the range dealer software.  We will certainly be able to get to the bottom of the problem.




    You can now check your own vehicle gains from the vehicle tuning section above which has been provided by our tuning file writer.


    Our gains that we offer are 100% suitable for your vehicle and is why our gains  are a lot different from most companys. Unlike most vehicle tuning company's that offer you huge gains from a stage 1 remap by putting the boost pressure through the roof and cause nothing but problems down the line, we aim for impressive results that will not cause any extra strain on the engine / turbo.

    Many mobile remapping companies are using jump leads to program your ECU in which is not a safe way to do so, This can fry YOUR ecu and the vehicle connected the other end, even a little drop in battery voltage will corrupt the file being read in which means when it comes to altering and re-writing the file it would have been corrupted to begin with and will NOT be written properly. Maintaining a stable voltage on the battery while programming is a MUST!!! Using a state of the art battery stabiliser you will not have this issue with us.

    Please do your research before opting to go with the cheapest quote or the highest gains. Also like to add that we have GENUINE equipment unlike most that are using the clone equipment which will ruin your car. Make sure the machine being used has the alientech logo if they are using KESS or KTAG.

    Bricked ECU from a poor file / tuner??? No problem we are here to help and fix any problems that you may have been left with :) 

     While also providing a speedy service in which we should receive your file back within 20 mins, 

    There is not a ECU out there that we can not programme as we are using 4 of the best tools available on the market - AUTOTUNER - FLEX - KESS V2 & KTAGG

    We do not use generic map's all our map's are sent to our tuner for a custom written file while you wait. With plenty of add-ons please see service page above to see what we offer.

    Please note that if you have a mechanical issue with your vehicle please do not think that a ECU Remap will fix the problem, we will perform diagnostics before work is carried out to make sure theres no faults. Also if you have a milage blocker / can-bus filter fitted please make us aware as this will corrupt the reading and may lead to your ECU needing to be programmed.

    CALL : 01189 952 279

    MOBILE : 07515 717 050 & 07515 717 060



    ECU Tuning

    We offer stage 1 & 2 Tuning,

    50/50 & economy Tuning,

    Overall economy Tuning,

    DSG Tuning,

    And many more inc dpf, egr, swirlflap, Adblue delete etc...

    Carbon cleaning

    Own an older vehicle and want to get the engine back to new with lost BHP recovered and flat rpm spots recovered please enquire about our eco friendly carbon clean!!!

    Service Rates

    Car & Van Tuning from : £140

    HGV Tuning from : £349

    DSG Tuning from : £140

    Carbon clean from : £40

    HGV Carbo Clean from : £60

    Diagnostics from : £30

    egr + dpf delete from : £140

    erase of engine codes from : £20

    Remap + carbon clean from : £170

    Remap + diagnostics from : £150

    Carbon clean + diagnostics from     £50

    free local call out

    over 20miles subject to small fee

    Call : 07515 717 050 or 07515 717 060